Adding additional Snap Ring bearing to e50 case

Credit for this tutorial goes to: Ricky Lacapria /pedalfile

So a few people asked me to do a little write up so they could see how I went about adding an extra snap ring to my e50 crank. I was having an issue where when I pulled my clutch cable, instead of putting pressure on the clutch and engaging it, it was pushing my entire crank away, the single snap ring bearing had enough play in the ring and with the force from the clutch being pulled, I could watch my cdi rotor pop out about an 1/8th of an inch. I solved the problem by doing the following....

I first opened up the cases, and popped off the 6203 bearing from the stator side of my crank and replace it with an extra 6203 NR snap ring bearing I had lying around that I never ended up using.

Sorry for the lack of pictures, but I then used a black sharpie to really get some ink on the new snap ring, and laid the whole crank assembly back in place with the original snap ring in it's groove. When I took it all out the ink on the new snap ring had made 2 black marks on the edge of the cases. I laid the old 6203 in the cases and connected the two marks with the sharpie.

I used a dremel with a cutting wheel being very careful and cut the groove in cases, testing it every once in awhile to see when the grooves were deep enough.

Flip the cases over and repeat with the opposite side.

There is now no play side to side with my crank assembly, problem solved!!!

6203-NR Bearing @ treats: