2-Takt Dichter

2-Takt Dichter
Salzburg, Austria
Official branch?no

The 2-Takt Dichter moped club is the first moped club in the city of Salzburg, Austria, Europe. The club consists of 12 full members and 1 honorary member, Günther the Grayt. The name 2-Takt Dichter is German and translates literally to 2-stroke poets, but also drunks as it is a play-on-words on the German word dichter, which has various meanings such as thicker, denser, drunk, literary and poet.


The club was officially founded in 2018 by the so-called first five. The spark for the foundation was ignited at the infamous moped rally 'Red Bull Alpenbrevet' in Switzerland, Europe, that the two founding fathers attended by invitation.

Club house

The club house is the so-called Schrauberei, an in-city cellar where the club holds its weekly get-together every Wednesday evening. The first Wednesday of each month, the so-called Dichtwoch (a German word compound literally translated to Drunksday) is open-doors and all moped enthusiasts and others are welcome.




Social Media

Instagram: @2taktdichter https://www.instagram.com/2taktdichter

Facebook: @2taktdichter https://www.facebook.com/2taktdichter

Mopeds owned by the club

The following types of mopeds are owned by club members:


  • Puch Maxi N
  • Puch Maxi S
  • Puch Maxi L
  • Puch Maxi L2
  • Puch Mini Maxi
  • Puch Turbo-Sport
  • Puch X 30 Velux
  • Puch X 30 Sprinter
  • Puch X 50-3
  • Puch MV50 S
  • Puch MV50 X3
  • Puch MS 50
  • Puch M50 SE
  • Puch Monza 4C
  • Puch Monza 6SL
  • Puch Cobra 6C


  • KTM Hobby 1 (Sachs engine)
  • KTM Hobby 2
  • KTM Hobby III (Puch E50 engine), known in the U.S. as KTM Foxi
  • KTM Hobby III (Puch Z50 engine)
  • KTM Hobby A Kat
  • KTM Ponny 2 Super 4


  • Hercules MP-4


  • Sachs Optima 3DK


  • Pony Junior


  • Piaggio Ciao

Club activities


  • 1st of May: annual ride-out of the club to celebrate the Maypole festival in Austria
  • 3rd of July: annual ride-out to celebrate the club's day of foundation
  • End of July: annual multi-day ride-out
  • Beginning of September: annual Eliterundfahrt of the neighbouring moped club The Nockouts


  • 2022 'Mofbrien': Moped round trip through Umbria, Italy for 10 days
  • 2021 'Mofcana': Moped round trip through Tuscany, Italy for 7 days
  • 2020: trans-state moped trip from Salzburg to Melk and back in 4 days
  • 2019: Solo moped trip from Salzburg, Austria to the Adriatic Sea next to Grado, Italy and back in 6 days