10 reasons to date a moped nerd

The top ten (and then some) reasons to date a moped nerd:

  1. We can do anything with a 10mm tool.
  2. We like to mix things up.
  3. We are obviously not "compensating" with our rides.
  4. We always have sparks.
  5. We don't mind if you're loud; we can't hear you anyway.
  6. We know how to keep a clean exhaust.
  7. Oil keeps our hands smooth.
  8. We know how to take it slow.
  9. We're mechanical.
  10. Because if you're four-strokin, you're trying too hard.
  11. You'll always know when we're coming well in advance.
  12. We're modern day McGuivers.
  13. We're good with our hands.
  14. Because we're not scooter nerds.
  15. Because our asses vibrate constantly.
  16. Because we have nice racks.
  17. Because we can get high off of our own smell.
  18. Because we know how to enjoy the view.
  19. Because our vehicles are "cute."
  20. Because mopeds are cheap ... just don't ask how much we spend.
  21. Because we can fix things. Or just part them out if that doesn't work.
  22. Our premix brings all the boys to the yard.
  23. We will port your cylinder. And your exhaust, if you're into that kind of thing.
  24. If you need a piston stop we can show you the rope trick
  25. We are proud of our leaky qualities, and bestow them unto you unconditionally.

This list was adapted from this discussion on the forums.