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The first DT that were created were DT-1. It were released 1968 and it had 125cc. they have created in these cc: 50, 80, 100, 125, 175 , 200, 250 ,300 ,350 ,400.

The DT series:

Yamaha DT50M

Yamaha DT50MX

Yamaha DT50R

Yamaha DT50LC

Yamaha DT50X

Yamaha DT50SM

Yamaha DT60

Yamaha DT80MX

Yamaha DT125MX

Yamaha DT125R

Yamaha DT125LC

Yamaha DT125SM

Yamaha DT1 (125cc)

Yamaha DT175

Yamaha DT200

Yamaha DT230

Yamaha DT250

Yamaha DT300

Yamaha DT350

Yamaha DT400

NOTE: this list isn't done yet. If you know something write it.