Type A

Type A is Not Necessary

Type A transmission fluid isn't required in your tomos. You can use a regular dexron / mercon / universal atf without issues. you can also use 10w30 motor oil if you'd like. Don't think it's the end of the world if you can't find type a fluid near where you live. In fact, you should never go out of your way to find it.

Type A ATF fluid, where to find

If you have a Mercedes Benz dealer in your area, you can find Type A ATF there, as old Mercedes passenger cars transmissions use Type A fluid only. Part number is #A 000 989 26 03, and you will probably end up with a Shell Donax TM Type A one liter bottle. NB: Very expensive by the way.

At Dollardays, they sell Type A fluid in cases of 12 bottles, more than you will ever need for your Tomos moped lifespan. If you want to order Type A fluid online, here is the URL.

The next closest thing to Type A ATF fluid is Universal Tractor Fluid (UTF), designed for wet brakes applications on farm tractors. Many old tractors recommended Type A fluid and it cross-references to UTF. You can find UTF at Wall Mart (Supertech 2000 Tractor Fluid) and many farm supply stores. Mobil 424 is also a good brand of UTF. I have used it in my A55 and works fine, and dont forget to put a John Deere bumper sticker on your Tomos!!! :-)