Treats Honda pull start install instructions

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So the guys at Treats Moped Superstore have been selling these pull starts unit kits for the Honda Hobbit, PA-50
Camino and the Express models. But why would you need it for the Express lol? Any how, I have one and it really is a
well built little unit made of 20 and 18 gauge steel that has been blasted then etch primed, ready to paint any color
you choose. It comes with all the hardware and the only thing you reuse off your bike is the top flywheel cover bolt
and your stock flywheel to crankshaft nut.

unpacking treats

nice wrap

all the stuff

tools I used

mounting tabs

no lower boss

bottom motor bolt

Remove crank nut

install prawl

tighten prawl

register band

snug fit

top cover bolt

Bottom motor mount and spacer

tighten her up

bulls eye dead center

mock fit

smooth yeah

bolt puller to housing

painted black

still got pedal clearance


Not finished with page