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The Treats are a 15 person group that left the Creatures of the Loin Moped Army Branch in Spring of 2006, after a nasty and divisive split between the two branch founders on personal reasons, as well as between members of what became the Treats and members who stayed Creatures along differences of opinion about the identity and purpose of the moped gang.

The Treats are characterized by phenomenology, separatism, nonsense ramblings, an affinity for tasty snacks within a certain price range and Puch Magnums.

The Treats can be found in San Francisco, CA.

Treats are interested the play discourse and the destruction of class society though better treats, sweet and savoury. A magnum gang lost in a opium den of sweet and savoury goodies some times called treats. From burritos and LSD to tempura. A treat can be spotted at snack bars and in SF cruising spots at sunset. The Treats boast a HQ in Soma San Francisco at the end of a ally named after a Donovan song. Every Monday they eat all day and ride and never gain a pound. The rest of the days they ride all day. Most of the treats have no job or little to do but moped. Mrs. Treat is a Pro Mopeder.