Tomos A35 Performance

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Tomos A35 Performance! (by mattology)

Tomos a35 engines provide a robust two speed transmission underneath a 49cc air cooled, reed valve inducted cylinder. Stock they should provide between 30 and 35mph, but with a few modifications, they can go much quicker. With cylinder big bore kits thrown into the mix, tomos can be very quick mopeds.


a35s are great engines. they are restricted pretty heavily from the factory, but with a few updates and modifications to the stock, untouched engine, you should easily touch 40-45mph. the most common modifications in order to get the most out of an a35 with simple modifications involves putting on a performance exhaust and a nice air filter / intake. when the bike has these modifications performed, and is re jetted accordingly, it should be able to touch 40mph with stock timing and gearing.


gearing is everything on your tomos. look up the gearing spreadsheet / chart that is on here (someone link it) and you will see what your gearing setup will do for you.

things to note:

25 26 27 28 31 sprockets available for front FLAT setup.

26 27 sprockets available for front DISHED setup.

only late A35's have a dished sprocket. most people don't have to worry about this.

the 31 tooth requires either an internal rotor ignition or a late nineties early 2000's 12v 80W iskra cdi flywheel that comes with a 4-pole stator setup. You can't fit a points flywheel setup on with a 31tooth sprocket.

for maximum blast , 31t front 20t rear. 70+cc kit recommended. very similar to 18x36 gearing on an E50 puch.

for maximum fun around town, 27t front 22t rear. pretty much the defacto gearing setup for most tomos bikes. still super easy to climb up hills, and headroom for about 53mph up top without breaking anything.

22t is the best rear sprocket and easiest to do. you can get a 20t, but be warned. you will have to take a dremel to your rear wheel and/or turn it down on a lathe or mill. it's time consuming, and only really gives you room for 4more mph or so at the same rpm.

Throwing a kit on that bitch

tomos a35s are great engines, but they do even better with a 70cc kit.

you can throw a kit on that bitch in literally 1 hour. it's super easy. im not going into mad details on here but here are the majority of them.

you can use any puch kit. that's right. go on the 'puch cylinder summary' page in the wiki and look up any cyl you want. it will fit right on. bam. real talk.

but FOR THE TOMOS A35 KITS......

1. alukit = torque, awesome kit. great price. avialable from treatland. same as kstar, sometimes you get a kstar box, sometimes you get an alukit box. good kit. works best with techno circuit pipe. with a techno estoril it maxes out around 9500 rpm. with a techno circuit around 9700 rpm. great kit for the money. doesn't come with reeds. put your old reeds on or get some polini reeds. street price $110.

2. airsal a35 kit = very similar to the alukit. portmap is slightly more aggressive with exhaust timing but has slightly less blowdown from the measurements i remember taking. if someone can take port measurements or a port map. that would help. this kit is slightly slower on the low end but did abotu 2mph more on the top end in my experiences. so around 9800 rpm or so. street price $130.

3. parmakit = this kit is a bit of a difficult beast. beautiful bridged transfers give you lots of opportunity to increase and maximize the port time area on this kit. however the base spacing is off. the squish is set too close with this kit on a typical single base gasket, no head gasket setup that works so wonderfully with other tomos kits listed above. this kit has potential to be fast, but i haven't realized it yet. you will have to make multiple base gaskets to set the squish properly, and spend some more time tuning this kit in order to get the best power out of it. if you just throw it on you will have detonation issues. street price $170.

4. DMP = torque, good kit. almost identical to kstar. haven't touched one in person so i can't supply that much more information. talked to a dude at whiskey business 3 that said it was great. street price $90.

5. RAPTOR kit. no. no. no. no. waste of money. don't even consider buying this kit. shoot someone that recommends it. its just an airsal kit paired witha dellorto 16.16 , paired with a technigas exhaust. no. fail. run. not worth the $800 or whatever they charge. bad hipster.


learn how to tune, get a real carburetor! throw that dellorto in the trash. i'm tired and sleepy. i'll write more on here later. or maybe someone else can.

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