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Tomos (TOvarna MOtornih koles Seþana) was a Yugoslavian and later Slovenian manufacturer of mopeds and other vehicles, established in 1954. Based in the city of Koper, Tomos began building motorcycles and mopeds with the Austrian company Puch. Tomos mopeds are no longer in production as of 2013. They Were one of the only surviving moped brands available in the United States.

Tomos mopeds are also produced in Epe, the Netherlands, and have been since 1966. The Dutch development team is responsible for the introduction of models like the Tomos Colibri, [[Tomos ST/Targa]] and [[Tomos Revival/Revival TS]]. Tomos is the last remaining moped factory in the Netherlands, surviving at least 36 others since 1966. In 1973, Tomos launched the A3 Automatic with its stamped and welded framework and 2 speed automatic engine. This design has evolved over the years into the Tomos classic line.

Current USA Models (2011)

  • Tomos Arrow
  • [[Tomos Revival/Revival TS]]
  • Tomos Sprint
  • [[Tomos ST/Targa]]
  • [[Tomos Streetmate/Streetmate R]]
  • [[Tomos LX/Targa LX]]

Discontinued Models

Engine and Model Info

Digits 5 and 6 of the VIN indicate model number for 1980 and later mopeds.

42 = A3N Sprint
43 = A3N Sprint w/kickstart kit.
44 = A35 Targa
45 = A35 Targa
46 = A35 Targa TT LX
47 = A35 Targa
48 = A35 Targa TT LX w/kickstart kit.
49 = A35 Targa
56 = A35 Sprint TT

This information was taken from this discussion on the forums. There's all kinds of other great stuff in there about repair and other specs, so read away!

See this discussion from the forums for one version of information about the differences between engines/models (A3, A3N, A5, A35, A55).

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