Thundercats, The

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The Thundercats were a branch of the Moped Army that has since been retired. The branch was announced on May 24, 2001 and hailed from Odessa, Texas. The Thundercats were comprised of five members: Stonnerdog, Wyn, Cam, Mik, Mik's boss (name unknown) and Trent (honorary). Several of the members lived in the same house (including a camper in the backyard) known as the "Thundercat Lair".

In March, 2001 there was some confusion as to who the Thundercats branch name would belong to. Two groups had submitted around the same time using the same name. The Thundercats of New Jersey (who were removed as a branch within weeks of approval) were approved just prior to The Thundercats of Texas.

For unknown reasons both Thundercats and Mopegans were popular moped club names around 2001, with the Moped Army receiving applications from numerous clubs around the country using those two names.