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The Lavender Banshees are a self-proclaimed "moped gang" out of San Diego, CA led by Steven Shultz.

While Mr. Shultz claims that the account, 'lavban' is under the control of many people and that the decision making and creative processes behind the group are the result of a collaborative effort, the reality of the situation is unknown and many suspect that while there certainly is a group of people in San Diego with whom Mr. Shultz has begun riding, that the actual identify of The Lavender Banshees is entirely a fabrication of Mr. Shultz alone. It should be noted that for simplicity sake, anywhere in this article referring to "them" or derivatives thereof, one should keep in mind that the plurality of the those behind the name 'The Lavender Banshees' is under question, and that wording such as 'them', 'they', 'themselves' could just as well be replaced with 'him', 'he', and 'himself' and that this article is simply giving 'them' the benefit of the doubt for neutrality sake.

UPDATE: Evidence has recently surfaced that the Lavender Banshees group does indeed consist of riders other than just Steve. Pictures posted from their inaugural monthly ride show between 6-8 riders of various mopeds, electric bikes and motorized beach cruisers.

The Lavender Banshees consider themselves to operate on "two levels" in that they claim to have "real-world" members in San Diego as well as a sort of virtual "gang" via Facebook. They claim that the Facebook group, "serves as a global platform for overlooked and sometimes-marginalized members of the moped scene."


On January 25, 2012, Steve Shultz posted a lengthy question on the General Forum regarding the use of adhesive nylon helmet "mohawks", seeking a general consensus on their social acceptability. It seems that Mr. Shultz had been riding occasionally with the San Diego moped gang "The Skunks", but they had recently asked him to no longer brandish the helmet accessory as some claim they are the mark of a 'douchebag'. Mr. Shultz seemed rather disappointed with the results of his query as the majority of those who voiced an opinion on the matter did in fact dislike their use.

This thread sparked a heated debate which soon degraded to a full on argument between Mr. Shultz and the members of The Skunks, which soon led to his welcome at The Skunks's monthly ride being rescinded. Mr. Shultz felt that the disallowance of the aforementioned accessory was a violation of his and others' freedom of personal expression, but members of The Skunks have claimed that its forbiddance was simply to prevent ridicule of the group by others.

In response to this falling out between himself and the local gang, Mr. Shultz decided to start a gang of his own, and in that The Lavender Banshees was formed.


The Lavender Banshees claim to be an "all-inclusive" "moped" gang, in that they are accepting of people of all sexual orientations, as well as vehicles which are not traditionally referred to as "mopeds".

This claim to be nondiscriminatory has come under considerable criticism on Moped Army in that Mr. Shultz seems to be implying, by pressing the issue so frequently, that other moped groups within the moped community may be discriminatory.

He also labels his gang as such because they claim to be all-inclusive in the bikes they classify as mopeds; insisting that electric and gas-powered motorized bicycles are "mopeds", even though the MA website and the state of California DMV feel differently.


  • Steve named his monthly ride (althought at the time of writing this, only one ride has occurred) "Sloppier Seconds Sunday" in reference to the San Diego Skunks ride entitled "Sloppy Seconds Saturday"; it has been claimed that it is named as such in an attempt to feign a connection to the existing and more reputable groups in San Diego.
  • It has been hypothesized that Steve may suffer from Asperger Syndrome or early onset Alzheimer in that he seems to be unable to recognize sarcasm.