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Established in early 2012, the Lavender Banshees are a wanna-be moped gang out of San Diego, CA. Their leader is Banshee Steve. Steve has been posting on the General Forum recently, touting the Banshees as "an all-inclusive moped gang" because he claims to allow people of all sexual orientations into the gang. More importantly, he labels his gang as such because they claim to be all-inclusive in the bikes they classify as mopeds. Steve insists that electric and gas-powered motorized bicycles are "mopeds", even though the MA website and the state of California DMV feel differently. This in and of itself is not a big deal. However, he constantly trolls the MA forums preaching his "all-inclusive new breed of moped gang for the 21'st century" garbage incessantly, pissing off many a forum user, MA branch member, and site moderator. Word around the campfire is that the "real" SD moped gangs don't think too much of him, but have more class than to make their opinions public on the MA forums.