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14. [http://www.mopedarmy.com/resources/mod/xjasonx/ Jason Macdonald] <br>
14. [http://www.mopedarmy.com/resources/mod/xjasonx/ Jason Macdonald] <br>
15. Larry Dobson <br>
15. Larry Dobson <br>
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The Flooze began in the Fall of 2005 over a bottle of Johnnie Walker Black. Matt and Nick soon discovered the Moped Army, thus putting them in contact with members throughout the Midwest. Thanks to Devin from Motion Left the first bikes were made a possibility. Soon after, Nick established contacts through Markus and Curt from Peddy Cash and a comradeship was formed. To this day the Flooze remain the potty mouthed brother of Peddy Cash, with its core members crossing over.

The Flooze is good news.


The following is the compiled list of The Flooze member admittance in "mostly" chronological order:

1. Matt Irie
2. Nicholas Rouley
3. Chuck Wakeman
4. Kris H
5. Amy from Hell's Satans
6. Wayne Popelka
7. Mikey D
8. Roberto Blanco
9. Steve Znavor
10. Nyiah Wiggand
11. Craig* Doty*
12. Todd Rau
13. Colleeen Durkin
14. Jason Macdonald
15. Larry Dobson