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The Dimes is an unofficial two-member moped club formed in 2008 by Nils Berndt and Nash Wiley. Founded in the suburbs of Des Moines, Iowa, they have yet to establish an official hpme base, but are seeking new members. Anybody with a deep moped addiction is welcome, as long as they aren't stupid idiots who are so stupid and retarded and fat or whateverh eheheh
The Dimes are nice. The Dimes have drifted away.
=== Members ===
Nash and Nils met in 2003 and have been extremely close friends ever since. They share a deep love for music, two-stroke engines, and nice shit you feel me dog? sup dog
==== Nash Wiley ====
Born March 24th, 1987, Nash has been collecting mopeds, nopeds and small motorcycles since 2006, with no end in sight. His main bike is a red 1976 [[Puch]] Maxi N.
==== Nilsson Berndt ====
Born September 25th, 1988, Nils is exclusively into modifying [[Puch]] mopeds. His main bike is a Brown 1977 [[Puch]] Newport.
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The Dimes are nice. The Dimes have drifted away.