ThE UgLiEs

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Founded during the summer of 2010 ThE UgLiEs started off as three young boys, alone in the cold dark streets of Boston with only their mopeds to show them the way. With the powers vested in them by the almighty UgLy -+:|the three boys quickly gathered followers to accompany them as they blasted through the chaotic hustle of the city. Currently they reside in a dirty basement garage in Allston Massachusetts.

With 24 current members the UgLiEs have become a fierce community force. Hosting a yearly rally and weekly rides throughout the summer. The UgLiEs also have taken strongly to moped racing, winning the nonvariated title at NEMA for the past several seasons and even taking 1st and 2nd at MopedGP in California. Every member of the UgLiEs has a tattoo of the Ugly Bag logo. Every member of the UgLiEs is rad af.