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can someone upload this picture for unknown number 009 (rufus)

Done. Are the unknown ones not supposed to match up do the numbers? Like, the picture for "Unknown 1" is labeled "Unknown 8." Is that right, or do they need to be rearranged? Mycider 10:23, 23 September 2009 (EDT)

Also, can someone upload this image of number 78?

dash from # 409 sold

LTD # 409 dash was sold on ebay Jan 18, 201116:26:37 PST $127.50 sold by Tim Annett who stated he saved it from a guy that parted it out around 2003

dash #456 parted out

the Dash from LTD 456 was from a LTD parted out by suggested sale price 125$, removed from ebay sale, not sure of actual sale price.

#123 Sold to Black Pipes

$650 3/11/12

dash of ltd 415 parted out

sold on 7/2/14 by Chris Ketterer, unknown price. [1]

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