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Where to Buy Kinetic Moped Parts.

Are you a Kinetic moped owner needing parts? Look no further. Moped Division has purchased the entire stock from the sole importer of Kinetic mopeds, Cosmo Motors. After decades of importing and distributing mopeds and parts for them, Cosmo Motors is on the verge of retirement and sold their remaining stock as of 11/17/18. Parts for the Kinetic was never actively sold online by Cosmo. Only over the phone and through email. This is all about to change. Though sorting and listing parts can take some time, until they are up on the website you can order anything you need by contacting Moped Division through their website HERE.

In 1987, the first ever Kinetic TFR moped was imported into the U.S.. In other countries, they were called the Kinetic Luna and were long available since 1974. The TFR cloned from a Vespa SI, its engine design nearly identical to the Piaggio Ciao, Bravo and Grande mopeds. They were affordable option that was still available for purchase well into the mid 2000's. They also released a upgraded TFR USA and Magnum model. With a variated clutch, these models made the moped much quicker pulling out, and gave it more power to climb hills. Cosmo Motors finally halted importing the because of tightening emissions and shrinking moped market.

There was 35,000+ Kinetic mopeds sold across the U.S. from Walmart, Northern Tools, Walnecks magazine and through other dealers. Many are still on the road and running today. If you find one in your uncle's or neighbours garage calling your name, rest assured you will still be able to buy parts to keep it running for many, many years.