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Addition of Chris Gatton

The history says user Chrs Gatton was added by pisch24. If you read his entry it is attributed at the end to dl125. I searched for Chrsitopher Gatton's history and he does have some negative marks about him. My question is, why is pisch24 adding people and attributing the entry to a different user?

Removal of Daryl Armstrong

Daryl Armstrong was added to the list but there were no real reasons listed. The reason for being added amounted to nothing more than him being called a bad person. No evidence of a foul transaction provided so I pulled him off the list. I feel this is not a forum for personal attacks. If he did infact mess some one over with a transaction of some sort feel free to readd him with the proper info.

These additions also have no link to the username and are misattributed to a different user than the history shows.

Removal of Chris Rhodes

I removed Chris Rhodes from the list. It sounds like it was both a small value item and a matter of a shipping dispute, both of which I think deem this a case not necessary for this page.

Forgive me if this isn't the right way to communicate this but this was a small value item (around 15bucks) but it was more than a shipping dispute. He broke my part of the trade for him and then refused to send me my half and acted like he has been a member so long that I was wasting time by reporting his poor behavior. That should put him on the bad seller list for sure.


It is the right place to discuss what goes on the page.

It just seems to me that this is more a matter of a dispute between two people regarding who is right and who is wrong over a matter that seems to be more about principle than compensation. It seems to me that this page is more for claims where someone paid for something that was never sent, or items sent which were never paid for.

Maybe I'm wrong. That's why I posted this and prompted you to it. I am in no way the judge of anything here. Just trying to moderate the discussion.

I suppose if you feel that the claim is in fact valid and belongs here then so be it; let Chris seek others' input on the matter and turn it into a real peer judged issue, but if there's a chance that this is just a butthurt umadbro kind of thing, then maybe it's not just to have it here. I can't help but be a little suspicious, as you did add **yourself** to the good sellers list ;)

Haha, I don't remember adding myself to the good sellers list at all. Must have been really drunk I guess.

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