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So I ordered three different bing jet sizes the other day, and used a pretty expensive video microscope to measure out the diameters. Size 56 - .0236 inch diam. Size 54 - .0225 inch diam. Size 52 - .0207 inch diam.

I originally had a size 58 jet in my bike, whose hole decided to wander very far from a circle. So I measured just half of the circle that looked curved, the other half was amoeba-ish. anyway its size was .02175, which is weird because thats smaller than a 54, should be like a 53. So I would ignore my measurement for a 58. But i dont' know how to add it into the data sheet so good luck somebody!

Good info, thanks! I added it to the page. It kind of conflicted with some of the numbers that were there, but I'm going to trust your pretty expensive video microscope on this one. I never know how accurate any of these numbers are anyway, and your method seems like it'd be about as accurate as it gets. If you ever measure more, post back and I'll add them too. --Mycider 21:49, 11 May 2009 (EDT)