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Any modifications should be discussed and come to a consensus like the rest of the wiki contents have been.

Editing Notes: We should expand a bit on 1977's new location & a small blurb about the business. Any other cool ideas of information to include (maybe other moped history, local info, etc.)? Newer pictures would be cool too.

I moved some comments around to proper headings to make the discussions more sensible.

--Rawz 18:51, 28 May 2013 (EDT)


Why does Quarterkicks or Kalamazoo Moped Riders information need to be on the Decepticons wiki page, neither have anything to do with the dcons, both have their own pages. If they need to be there please post the reason.

--Awesomenick 23:34, 13 February 2013 (EST)

KMR does not belong on the Dcon wiki. Need Their own page, & plug on qk wiki if wanted.

There is no mention of "KMR" in the Quarterkick section. KMR is completely separate from the community group that is open to all active moped riders in the Kalamazoo area. Kalamazoo Moped Riders is not KMR. Also nothing I wrote is inaccurrate the only loaners I brought to rallies last year were for Dcons without running mopeds of their own. --Chad Burke