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Can someone please answer this instead of just asking the questions? Overall, I think taht new pages need to be created with a bit more real content rather than just a half sentence. --Simon 14:30, 16 September 2006 (EDT)

simon, while i understand where you are coming from, blackball is intentionally mysterious and designed not to take itself too seriously. i feel that the wiki entry holds to that ideal. "what is blackball?" is blackball's motto, and within that question, is really also the answer. i included a link to the blackball website, which may or may not answer questions, but to fully explain blackball is to take away from the fun of it.

if you look through the other wikis i've created, you'll see that i've done research, and asked questions to make things as detailed as possible. (i spent several hours yesterday going through the history of the forums to create the entry for the thundercats.) i'm going to leave the blackball entry alone. if you'd like to remove it, feel free, but i think, as a blackball member, that i have said in the entry all that needs to be said.