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but....who cares?

will anybody ever look this up?


find me another neighborhood in the country (other than possibly the tenderloin in sf) that has 30+ moped riders in it. ballard is well known throughout the moped army. we've had several people from across the country move to ballard simply because it has such a heavy concentration of mopeds.

dude, don't be jealous just because you live in florida.

Dean says!

I was totally going to add Ballard, but never got around to it. Thanks Seth! As for "will anybody ever look this up?".. there are sooo many crap pages on this wiki already that really don't have anything to do with anything. Hell, some people went as far as to make a Wiki on themselves, and I don't mean their User: page. One person redirected his User: page to the Wiki page of his full name, as if anyone will ever look up his full name on here. There are much more irrelevant pages to be criticizing than one about the North West's most mopeded neighborhood.

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