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Officially named "FUCK THE SWOOPS MC NSFW", you may know them as swoop jockeys, or those fucking dickwads, but they mostly just go by "swoops" these days. you may also refer to thems as swoon johnnies cuz they so purdy.

SWOOPS are a shameful disgrace. They are a scar on the face of Atlanta. With a good following centered more or less around Memorial Tattoo in Cabbagetown, and also a little place I know (Zesto) they ride every dang Sunday WAY too early in the morning (9:30am) from Memorial Tattoo on Carol St. to go out in search of fun rides and dainty breakfast coffee and deeeeelites. Sometimes they ride other times too. Crazy right?

TUESDAY 7:30 from 97 Estoria for drinks and crashes!


Colin Barry is a member of the Swoops and is also still a Gun. One time he was offered turkish deeeeeelites by a white witch and he accepted. Now he's married, but that's not related. Tanya is a very nice Babe lady. Other members include lots of people not worth mentioning, and lots of people who are worth mentioning [citation needed].

There's clint who goes by Monstro on these forums, and has a hot mom and sister.

WillD is a fucking piece of shit and is aware that dogs die sometimes. Dead dog.jpg

Mark and his guerilla gripz never leave memorial tattoo except for wives and freds. freds is the wonderland womb we were birthed from.

Bobby makes mopeds faster than yours and also some that are slow. like his camino, that thing blows. he has a hairy tip.

Jeremie a.k.a. Jer bear a.k.a. Jock Jamz will knock you out cold (or at least knock down your cold ones outta yer hand), beat up homeless ladies, travel through time to rape people past present and future, and be a real swell friend

Nick laughs like an ass, but his rat magnum blasts. he doesn't have a hairy tip yet but he's saving up for one.

They've got a website. [swoops.webs.com] They've also got a facebook page [1]

They held their first lil moped rally in July of 2010. BREAKDOWN AND DIE. Ludacris didn't attend, and as a result they have NO cred.

Other interests of the group besides fast mopeds include such exciting things as:

-butt huffing

-bootie bonging


FUCK THE SWOOPS! (god blast the swoops)