Suzuki FZ50

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The Suzuki FZ50 was a noped made by Suzuki from 1978-1983. Although it has small wheels, it falls into the "noped" category due to its bare tube frame and use of pegs, as opposed to a floorboard.

Not quite as popular as the Suzuki FA50, the FZ50 didn't sell quite as well, mainly because it doesn't qualify as a moped in most states. The stock engine generates 3.2 HP, and most go over 30mph with no modifications. They are arguably better bikes than the FA50 due to the higher horsepower rating, and the two speed automatic transmission, as opposed to the one speed found on the FA50.

The FZ50 features oil injection, a crude gas gauge on the tank, front and rear racks, plastic legshields, and 12" 5-star mag wheels. The ride is very smooth thanks to leading-link front suspension and a beefy rear mono-shock. Colors available were orange, red, black and blue.