Starter Clutch Mod for Pull Starts

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This is a starter clutch mod for Honda Hobbits PA50 1-2 and is designed to be used in conjunction with the black pipes pull start mod. [1] The starter clutches are lame since they keep your transmission engaged until a very low rpm. I notice they effect my bike most when I slow down for a turn then try to speed up out of it, I'm caught in a low rev range below my pipes power band and have to build up momentum to get out of it.

The pullstart mod is great but the pawls wear out quickly and if you removed your starter shoes you can be stranded somewhere without a way to start an otherwise perfectly running bike. My solution is to leave the starter shoes in and put in two set screws that block the starter shoes from engaging, when the pullstart wears out simply take one allen key to remove the set screws and you can bump/pedal start again.

Below is what an unmodified starter clutch and housing looks like. There are two arms and two weak springs. When the housing is turned the arms are pulled out and engage with the clutch bell (not pictured). The goal of this mods is to prevent the starter clutches from being pulled outward while still keeping them in your bike. Hobbit starter clutches.JPG

To start this remove your variator. The starter clutches are located inside the inner drive face of the variator and this is the part we will be modifying. You do not need a clutch puller to do this mod but chances are if you're reading this you've already upgraded your clutch springs and have access to one (Not to be confused with the starter clutch springs which they don't sell upgrades for).

Here's where it gets a little tricky. You have to drill and tap two holes for a set screws, I believe I used M4x1.00 pitch tap and the screw is 10mm long. I used a center punch on the inside of the drive pulley to mark my hole then drilled and tapped it (You can see two center punch marks below the screw that where to far off for me to use). There is no real measurements for this, I eyeballed it and managed to get both of them to match the clearance to disengage the starter clutches and not interfere with where my belt rides on the drive face. Miami Starter Clutch Mod inside.JPG

Here's what it looks like from the outside, you can see the black screw is on the drive face but if you look at the wear marks on the pulley it is out of the way of the belt. Miami starter clutch mod outside.JPG

Once the holes are drilled and tapped make sure you put thread lock on the set screw and wait for it to cure. There is very little thread for the set screw to grab onto so you want to make sure it stays put. Then assemble your variator and put your bike back together. I like to keep a neodymium magnet somewhere on my bike to hold an allen key and the set screws once I remove em. Miami starter clutch mod on bike.JPG

That's it! Your ready to rip dicks all around town with the piece of mind that if your pull start goes out you can still start your bike.