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A '''soft seize''' is a type of [[seizure]] that occurs when there is insufficient lubrication and/or the [[piston]] overheats and expands to the point that it gets stuck in the [[cylinder]].
#REDIRECT [[Seizure#Soft Seizure]]
Please see [http://www.mopedarmy.com/forums/discuss/1/564145/564145/ this discussion] for more information on soft seizures.
==Soft Seize Poetry==
When soft seizing you will hear, <br>
The motor goes waaaa ka ka klink. <br>
The sound it makes is very clear, <br>
The clunk you feel is very distinct.
When you ride hard on a nice cold night, <br>
Or take your [[air filter|filter]] off on a real hot day. <br>
Your motor starts to strain and fight, <br>
Yap yap yap it calls in dismay.
And then all of a sudden, <br>
You gain 5 miles per hour. <br>
And you start to wonderin', <br>
From where came this power?
Well that my friend… its the last little bit <br>
Of life you are squeazin' from that brand new [[kit]].
If only you’d listened when your bike cried, <br>
“Hold the fucking [[choke]] down and pull to the side.” <br>
“Now take off your shoe and give me your sock, <br>
Put it over my filter and tie it. <br>
We’re going home, slow as shit. <br>
But hey at least you don't have to walk!”
Wow, I'm blazed.
''Poetry by Harold''
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