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when soft seizing you will hear,
#REDIRECT [[Seizure#Soft Seizure]]
the motor goes waaaa ka ka klink.
the sound it makes is very clear,
the clunk you feel is very distinct.
When you ride hard on a nice cold night,
or take your filter off on a real hot day.
your motor starts to strain and fight,
yap yap yap it calls in dismay.
and then all of the sudden,
you gain 5 miles per hour.
and you start to wonderin,
from where came this power?
well that my friend… its the last little bit
of life you are squeazin from that brand new kit.
if only you’d listened when your bike cried,
“hold the fucking choke down and pull to the side.”
“Now take off your shoe and give me your sock,
put it over my filter and tie it.
we’re going home, slow as shit.
but hey at least you dont have to walk!”
wow, im blazed.

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