Slow Magic


Slow Magic
Los Angeles, California
Official branch?no
Rallieswe call them rituals.

"Slow and low - it is the tempo"

Drawn into being by the shocking vacuum of leadership and style in the greater Los Angeles moped diaspora, Slow Magic grows stronger, its method more confounding, with each passing minute.

What is Slow Magic? Why should anyone study its principles or apply for membership? Very natural; the obvious preliminary questions of any subject soever. We must certainly get all of this crystal clear; fear not that we shall fail to, in the fullness of time, set forth the whole business as concisely as possible yet as fully, as cogently yet as lucidly, as may prove within our power to do.

At least we need not waste any time on telling you what Slow Magic is not; or to go into the story of how the name came to be misapplied to conjuring tricks, and to sham miracles such as are to this day foisted by charlatan swindlers, either within or without the greater Los Angeles moped diaspora, upon a gaping crew of pious imbeciles.

Slow Magic In Theory And Practice.

Before discussing Slow Magical formulae in detail, one may observe that most rituals are composite, and contain many formulae which must be harmonized into one.

The first formula is that of The Puch. In the sphere of the principle which the Slow Mage wishes to invoke, he or she rises from point to point in a perpendicular line, and then descends; or else, beginning at the top, comes directly down, "invoking" first the moped of that sphere by "devout supplication." Beware, O brother, lest thou bend the knee! Gypsy Dave teaches the proper attitude. The nature of the dagger is to criticise, to destroy, to disperse; and all true Slow Magical actions tend to concentration. The dagger therefore appears principally in the banishings, preliminary to the ceremony proper.

Thus, in the invocation of The Maxi which is to be found in the rite of Mercury (Equinox I, VI) and in Liber LXIV, the first part begins with the words "Samwise of Godhead, wisdom-crowned DELORTO, Thee, Thee I invoke. Oh Thou of the Ibis head, Thee, Thee I invoke, Oh Universal Mother Whosoever Doth Wash Her Glass Eye With An Orange Leaf Salad"; and so on. At the conclusion of this a mental image of the Moped, infinitely fast and infinitely splendid, should be perceived, in just the same sense as a man might see the Sun.

Let us describe the magical method of The Baretta. The symbolic form of the Moped is first studied with as much care as an artist would bestow upon his model, so that a perfectly clear and unshakeable mental picture of the moped is presented to the mind. Similarly, the attributes of the god are enshrined in the carb, and such attributes are committed perfectly to memory. The invocation will then begin with a prayer to the idle screw, commemorating its physical attributes, always with profound understanding of their real meaning. In the "second part" of the invocation, the voice of the Asa Minarelli is heard, and His characteristic utterance is recited.

With regard to the Cimatti formulae, it is doubtful whether most who use them have ever properly grasped the principles underlying the method of identity. No passage which implies it occurs to mind, and the extant rituals certainly give no hint of such a conception, or of any but the most personal and material views of the nature of things. They seem to have thought that there was an Archangel in exactly the same sense as there was a statesman named Joshua, an individual being living in a definite place. He had possibly certain powers of a somewhat metaphysical order --- he might be in two places at once; 'He could do this provided that he can travel with a speed exceeding that of Light, as he does. (See Matthew Doan's "Space, Time, and Gravitation". What means "at once"?)

In discussion of the Creeping Revelations By Unseen Forces one may not rightly omit "The Obsidian Mirror," into which we all must gaze - that reflection being the final word, the formulation of the Tomos, Ancient and Accepted. Laugh and move about in the light, and cry to your Household Gods in private - Gregg - Slow Moses - Duke of Fascinations, Invisibility, Levitation, Transmutations, "Kinks in Time" - Thus speaks; "I am the secret Serpent coiled about to spring: in my Slowness there is joy. If I lift up my head, I and my Bullet are one. If I droop down mine head, and shoot forth venom, then is rapture of the earth, and I and the earth are one." This versicle is deep, devilish deep; and it is chock-a-block with the mysteries of Fascination. Dig into this, dear sister! Dig with your 2-cycle trowel; don't blame me if you don't get a Mandrake with the very first thrust!

Princes of the Royal Secret

The whole of the Knowledge dispersed among the bodies mentioned above has been sifted and concentrated in the following degrees.

0○ Minerval Civilian or simply Civilian

I○ M.

II○ M. .

III○ M∴ -P∴M∴

IV○ Companion of the Holy Royal Arch of Alvarado - Prince of Los Feliz - Knight of the East Side and of the West Side.

V○ Sovereign Prince of Angelino Heights - Knight of the SilverLake and Eagle Rock - Member of the Senate of Knight Hermetic Philosophers, - Knights of the Mel Rose.

VI○ Illustrious Knight of the Order of Minarelli, and Companion of the Holy Graal. - Grand Inquisitor Commander, Member of the Grand Tribunal. - Prince of the Royal Secret.

VII○ Very Illustrious Sovereign Grand Inspector General. - Member of the Supreme And Slow Grand Council.

VIII○ Perfect Pontiff of the Illuminati.

IX○ Initiate of the Sanctuary of the Slow Gnosis.

X○ Rex Summus Sanctissimus (Supreme and Most Holy King).