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The Skeeks, whatever their true origins, have become a legend on the Moped Army forum. Challenges are issued for showdowns with the Skeeks. The Skeeks are blamed for everything from trolling forums to sabotaging mopeds. Occasionally a poster claiming to be a Skeek will post at the Moped Army threatening to wreak havoc at a rally by showing up on an extremely ugly scooter.

They have terrible taste in bikes and many moped riders question if the Skeeks (as a scooter gang) ever existed at all. If the Skeeks do exist, they could be seen as the arch-nemesis of Moped Army. Their primary goal is the subversion of mopeds, and recognition of the superiority of scooters. The Skeeks are the only well-known group that has an agenda which specifically identifies the Moped Army as an adversary.

Some links to an e-mail address on the Skeeks home page seem to indicate a connection to the Moped Army (through q-bert@mopedarmy.com) but this is attributed to the original Skeek website being mirrored for reference purposes.

Current status of the Skeeks is unknown.

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