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Trail-A-Sled, Inc. and Scorpion, Inc., were twin companies that existed from 1959 to the early 1980's, based out of the neighboring towns of Crosby and Ironton, Minnesota. Though primarily known for their Scorpion snowmobiles, these companies added mopeds to their product line in their final years as an attempt to diversify and survive. The Scorpion mopeds consisted of three models: SC-1 (step-through model, single speed, automatic transmission), SC-2 (step-through model, two-speed, automatic transmission), and the SC-2X (hybrid model, two-speed, automatic transmission.) All three models used Morini Franco Motori engines (with a "Cuyuna" sticker from Cuyuna Motors): M-01 for the SC-1 model and M-02 for the SC-2 and SC-2X models.

The operator's manual for all three Scorpion moped models is available here.