The SSR Lazer 5 is a 4 stroke chinese Noped for sale from 1 or 2 Goped type dealers probably in California.

It features a shabbily built Clone engine stolen from Honda. It retails for more than the cost of a new Tomos.

Life expetancy could be estimated at maybe 1 year. It is hard to say, as it has only been known to ride 1or 2 miles per day.

Parts are hard to get and come in varying qualities, as there is no Quality Control in chinese products.

The SSR Lazer 5 is not recognized as a moped by this site. There is one picture in the photo gallery, improperly listed as a lazer 50.

It is not known if anyone really owns one. Two known trolls in moped army have claimed to own one, but have yet to post a picture of themselves with said bike.