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This article is a collection of links to moped-related repair videos. Please feel free to link to any repair videos you have made. If you haven't made any, get to work already! A picture says a thousand words, but a video says a million.

See also: Misc_links#Repair/Performance, See also: Repair manual links

Fuel System

Gas tank, petcock, carburetor, etc.


Information about the functions of the pieces of a Bing carburetor (can also apply to other carburetor brands).
How to remove a Bing carburetor from a Puch Maxi (can also be applied to other mopeds).
How to remove the top half of a Bing carburetor.
How to take apart a Bing carburetor.
Instructions for cleaning a Bing carburetor (can also be applied to other carburetor brands).
Instructions for reassembling a Bing carburetor.
How to reattach a Bing carburetor to a Puch Maxi (can also apply to other mopeds).
Adjusting the idle speed and air intake speed screws on a Bing carburetor.
How to install the throttle cable on a Bing carburetor.


How a Dellorto choke functions and how to take one apart/put it back together.
How to adjust the choke release on a Dellorto carb.
Adjusting the idle screw and throttle cable on a Dellorto carb.

Electrical System

Spark plug, points, flywheel, magneto, lighting, wiring, etc.

All about moped spark plugs.
How to locate and remove a moped spark plug.
How to check and adjust moped spark plugs.
Need to get under your flywheel but don't have a puller? Watch this!
How to set the timing on a Puch E50 engine.
A demonstration of how to clean the ignition points on a moped.
A repair video for Tomos ignition -- direct wiring and spark test.


Clutches, variators, gearing, etc.

Puch ZA50 engine disassembly using factory Puch tools.
Puch ZA50 disassembly NOT using factory Puch tools.
A quick tear down of the second speed drive gear and some talk about the shift dampeners (pucks) on the Puch ZA50.
A video about the operation of the Puch ZA50 starter clutch cable operation.
An overview of the flywheel, points, transmission, and how to replace the transmission fluid on a Tomos A3 motor.


Cylinder, piston, porting, etc.

How to port match a moped.
A complete engine rebuild on a 77 Motobecane 50 V model.


Brakes, cables, chains, fluids (MOPED fluids!), wheels, tires, sites with multiple videos, and anything else you can think of.

This has the potential to be a great resource for repair tutorial videos. Hopefully this will be updated and have many new producers and shows soon, so stay tuned! Current repair videos include: (click on the "on demand" button to browse the available videos)
Using a rope as a piston stop
Installing clutch springs
A whole series of videos on Batavus Repair. Current repair videos include:
The Batavus is Bad Video
The Tools of the Trade
The Great Batavus Clutch Mod
Encarwi Carb Tutorial
Learn about the history and origins of mopeds.
Yuppers, mopeds get great gas mileage.
An online follow-up to a Wired Magazine article featuring mopeds. See the forum post about it. Videos include:
How to change a tire
How to clean or replace a Dellorto carburetor
How to change the handlebars
How to change a spark plug
How to join a moped gang
A YouTube video showing how to install a tire on a moped.
An overview of Tomos mopeds.