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This is a list of websites that have repair manuals available for viewing or downloading.

Sites with many manuals

Moped Rider's Association(Broken?) Moped Rider's Association

This is one of the top sites for manuals -- too many to list here, so just go check it out.

Moped Information Forum

This is another one of the best sites for manuals. Once again, there are too many to list here, so it's best to go browse for yourself.


The owners at Lucky2strokes put up free PDF downloads for most manuals, owners guides, and parts lists they had or could get their hands on. Over 40 links!

Moped Manuals

The pictures section of this Myspace page has all kinds of scanned manuals.

Moped Central

Moped Central hosts manuals for several types of mopeds, including but not limited to Avanti, Garelli, Derbi, Safari, and Morini engines.

Project Moped Manual

Has PDF copies of most of the manuals from the most common moped-manual-supplying sites.

Online Parts and Shop Manuals

Most of the manuals here are for motorcycles, although there are some scooter and moped manuals.

Links for specific mopeds

Batavus Stuff

Although not precisely a "repair manual," this site does have some wiring diagrams, an owner's manual, and other miscellaneous information about Batavi. There's also a "How-to" series with a number of carb, exhaust pipe, and other tutorials.

Jawa manuals

Lots of old and rare Jawa manuals!

Suzuki FA50 Service Manual (1980)

See the FA50 page for other manuals and info.

Peugeot Manual/Exploded Diagrams

This manual is in French, but the pictures and exploded diagrams are pretty self-explanatory.

Peugeot Workshop Manual

This workshop manual shows how to disassemble and reassemble the engine.

Derbi manuals

This page has links to several different parts/repair manuals for Derbi mopeds.

Honda Gyro service Manual

Okay, okay, it's not a moped. It's close though. Deal with it. Oh, and here's a manual.


Vespa Manuals

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