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definition for: redbook

red·book [red-bŏŏk]


  1. A popular American women's magazine published by the Hearst Corporation.
  2. Firefighter training manuals published by the International Fire Service Training Association (IFSTA).
  3. The Australian price guide of new and used vehicles.

v. tr.

A prank or practical joke, usually committed by Quatto. To erroneously apply for a subscription to Redbook magazine on behalf of another person, typically the result of someone carelessly posting their home address on the General Forum: OMG I can't believe you were foolish enough to upload a scan of your driver's license, you're totally gonna get redbooked!

Redbook sample cover page: Shania Twain graces the December 2007 cover; also "21 wild & wonderful ways to say I 'heart' you"


Redbooking first occurred on the Moped Army General Moped Discussion Forum on October 10th, 2008 when user maxspam posted his location in hopes of someone ordering a pizza for him [1]. Quatto instead sent him a subscription to Redbook, and checked the "bill me later" option. Dozens of copycat pranksters followed suit, sending him all manner of junk mail ranging from the annoying to the foul and pornographic.

Only four days later, mopedmaynard displayed photos of a comical "moped license" he had acquired [2]. The ensuing backlash was epic, most likely due to the fact that he had been so careless so soon after the original redbooking. This only worsened when he received his first issue of Redbook, and posted his angry rebuttal "Thanks for the Redbook, Asswholes" [3].

The "Mother Of All Redbookings" aka "The Redbooking To End All Redbookings" aka "Redbook-ageddon" occured on September 18th, 2009 when the infamous forum troll Spartafoxilover had a meltdown in which he posted an inflammatory thread entitled "All You Tough Talking Moped People R Pussies"[4], in which he invited the whole Moped Army to his house to see if anyone "had some real balls". In a cunning display of internet trash-talk strategy, Amanda H of the Bourbon Bandits quickly requested his home address so that she could "come talk shit to his face". Having just made such a big deal about balls and pussies and how "macho men" won't back down from a fight, Spartafoxilover had a lapse of judgment and was compelled to post his home address. Sparta's home address had been posted before by others, but due in part to the fact that Redbookings are traditionally only carried out when the victim posts their address themselves, and partly due to the fact that Spartafoxilover lives in a trailer in the woods with a confusing address and the property is actually listed in his mother's name, pranksters had been reticent to Redbook. With actual confirmation from Sparta himself, the game was on. The fallout lasted over a month, Spartafoxilover received numerous visits from the Mormons and Jehova's Witnesses, subscriptions to over 30 magazines, catalogs for everything from bulk animal feed to adult novelty distributors, a forklift pallet containing thousands of free USPS Flat-Rate Shipping containers, feces, live bees, a "Dragon of the Month Club",[5] a never-ending stream of prank phone calls that required him changing his phone number, constant pizza delivery so severe that no pizza place in the Wisconsin Dells will deliver pizza to his trailer anymore, Sparta awoke one Saturday morning to find people arriving for an auction after someone advertised an estate sale would be happening at his address, and even a series of animated shorts parodying his hardships.[6] Although Spartafoxilover initially deemed this all a "massive fail douchebags" he would later admit defeat, marking the first time a forum troll had been beaten so badly that a formal surrender was issued.

Interesting Trivia

Quatto's choice of the publication Redbook was influenced by an episode of Aqua Teen Hunger Force in which Master Shake is imprisoned by space aliens and his only complaint is in regard to the boring selection of magazines they provide for him: "I'm done with this Redbook! I was done with it the minute I saw it!"