Reasons magnums are popular

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Magnums r hyped, especially in San Francisco, for the following reasons :

  1. Magnums are Puchs, and in SF Puch is where its at, u might as well call it creatures of the Puch
  2. Magnums are the top of the line Puch
  3. Magnums are easy to make really fast
  4. Magnums are easy to personalize
  5. Magnums are bigger so ppl feel safer
  6. Magnums are more stable ”
  7. Magnums come with better or more desirable stock equipment i.e. hydraulic forks, 2 speeds, five star mags
  8. Magnums look like motorcycles not girls bicycles
  9. Magnums are better for bigger riders
  10. The SF gang leaders ride Magnums
  11. Magnums are a bit rare
  12. Treats is Magnum gang and treats r cool (there are a million posts that say so)
  13. Two other new moped gangs in the city influenced by the Treat movement, Children and the Creeps also all prefer Magnums to set them apart and come from the scoot scene. They tell their friends to get Magnums
  14. Tommy Latebird once went 70mph on a Magnum
  15. Magnums are always kitted and fast (no one rides a stock Magnum)
  16. You can ride doubles on a Magnum comfortably (Graham French will most likely blast u with a cute chick on the back of his Magnum LTD at the next rally he is at)
    Side note: riding doubles on a moped always leads to romance
  17. Magnums lead to romance
  18. Magnums are the most attractive top tank ped that is easily available
  19. The name, Magnum implies subconsciously it’s amazing
  20. When you ride a Magnum you always come back with Magnum face
  21. Magnums make you look like you are riding a vintage motorcycle not a lame moped.
  22. Magnums have bigger gas tanks
  23. Magnums have trunk space
  24. Magnums make girls (and some guys) feel tough
  25. Magnums are less likely to bend when crashed
  26. Magnums are comfy
  27. You can run the biggest intake you want on a Magnum and all your gas will drain.

One day Zach Levenbergh (aka lee) will build a Magnum that wheelies and says:

“FUCK, a Magnum!” written sideways so it's level during the wheelie.

Magnums are just cool and always have been and always will be.