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[[Puch Magnum|Magnums]] r hyped, especially in San Francisco, for the following reasons :<br>
#Redirect [[Puch Magnum]]
#Magnums are Puchs, and in SF Puch is where its at, u might as well call it creatures of the Puch<br>
#Magnums are the top of the line Puch<br>
#Magnums are easy to make really fast<br>
#Magnums are easy to personalize<br>
#Magnums are bigger so ppl feel safer<br>
#Magnums are more stable ”<br>
#Magnums come with better or more desirable stock equipment i.e. hydraulic forks, 2 speeds, five star mags<br>
#Magnums look like motorcycles not girls bicycles<br>
#Magnums are better for bigger riders<br>
#The SF gang leaders ride Magnums<br>
#Magnums are a bit rare<br>
#[[Treats]] is Magnum gang and treats r cool (there are a million posts that say so)<br>
#Two other new moped gangs in the city influenced by the Treat movement, [[Children]] and the [[Creeps]] also all prefer Magnums to set them apart and come from the scoot scene. They tell their friends to get Magnums<br>
#[[Tommy Latebird]] goes 70mph on a Magnum<br>
#Magnums are always kitted and fast (no one rides a stock Magnum)<br>
#You can ride doubles on a Magnum comfortably ([[Graham French]] will most likely blast u with a cute chick on the back of his Magnum LTD at the next rally he is at) <br>''Side note: riding doubles on a moped always leads to romance<br>''
#Magnums lead to romance<br>
#Magnums are the most attractive top tank ped that is easily available<br>
#The name, Magnum implies subconsciously it’s amazing<br>
#When you ride a Magnum you always come back with [[Magnum face]]<br>
#Magnums make you look like you are riding a vintage motorcycle not a lame moped.<br>
#Magnums have bigger gas tanks<br>
#Magnums have trunk space<br>
#Magnums make girls (and some guys) feel tough<br>
#Magnums are less likely to bend when crashed<br>
#Magnums are comfy<br>
One day [[Zach Levenbergh]] (aka lee) will build a Magnum that wheelies and says:
“FUCK, a Magnum!” written sideways so it's level during the wheelie.
'''Magnums are just cool and always have been and always will be.'''
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