Puddle Cutters

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The Puddle Cutters are an official branch of the Moped Army that hail from Portland, Oregon. They were admitted on October 29th of 2006 with 11 members and has now grown up to 28 as of Nov 2007

Key features:

  1. Drunk
  2. Wet
  3. Broken
  4. Bleeding

Also known as Snuggle Bunnies, Cuddle Bunnies, Cuddle Putters, Cuddle Fuckers, Cuddle Puddles, Bubble Bunnies, Pedal Cutters, Pedal Fuckers, Pedal Humpers, Camel Humpers, Cuddle Mothers, Bunny Stabbers, Bunny Fluffers, Bunny Fuckers, Bunny Cutters, Poodle Cuters, Clutter Putters, Awesome Getters, Nutter Butters, Fluffer Nutters, Butter Cutters, Butter Humpers, Butter Smugglers, Butter Cuddlers, Befuddled Gutters, Pud Smugglers, pudl' cutrz

Also goes by: Those Retards in Portland, Fucking Psychos from Portland Who Cut Themselves, Douchebags, Assholes, Operation Gizzmop, and Maximum Rad.

If spotted one should aproach with caution extending a beer as a peace offering. Do not attempt to speak to a Puddle Cutter unless all sentences includes the word “moped” at least four times. (Example: So you want your sweet new moped knuckle tats to say mopedfag...moped moped!)

PS: Moped Moped.