Puch bearings

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A list of bearings and seals needed to rebuild a Puch E50 engine, divided by crank. (See Puch E50 Crankshafts for more information on the different crankshafts).

Stock, DMP Stuffed

The complete list of Puch E50 bearings and seals for the stock crank, the DMP stuffed crank (and possibly the Rito crank) is:


  • 3 X 6203 C3 (two counter shaft bearings optional)
  • 1 X 6203 NR


  • two 2 X 17x40x7 Double lipped
  • one 1 X 22x40x7 Double lipped

Top Racing

Bearings and seals needed for the The Top Racing Crank:


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  • three 2x17x40x7 seals (and zero 1x22x40x7 seals)

Where To Buy

Can be purchased from:
Allied Bearings
3525 W Lincoln Ave
Milwaukee, WI 53215
(414) 672-3111

Crush Bearings & Drives Inc.
325 Baxter Avenue
Louisville, KY 40204
Ph: 502-589-3239
Ph: 800-573-2359
Fax: 502-568-6590