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The '''USA''' was a moped built through a partnership between [[Puch]] and [[Murray]] but distributed and branded by Puch. Puch manufactured everything except the frame, which was made in the USA by Murray, hence the name. They were only made in 1981 and were only available in maroon.
'USA" is the official name for the model, and it was the only moped ever made under Puch's [[Series B]] line. The USA had a unique trapezoidal tank on a frame basically identical to the frame found on Murray's line of department store mopeds. The engine was an [[E50]] and the main thing that sets it apart from other Puchs is the use of [[CEV]] switches as opposed to the usual chrome or plastic box controls found on all other Puch models. Also electrical connections were made through a single multi-pin plug as opposed to a wiring block.
Some "USA"-style models have popped up with spanish warning labels and equipped with a [[Dellorto]] [[Carburetor]] as opposed to the usual [[Bing]] model. Not much information has been found on these.
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