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The Puch Korado was a moped designed by Piaggio and released in 1995. (The Puch name was purchased by Piaggio in the 1990's.) The Korado engine was a modernized and improved version of a normal E50, and it came in both regular (pedal) and kickstart versions. The kickstart version was second design of a kickstart E50 engine used by Puch. (The first kickstart E50 was used on the Magnum X. These engines are highly sought after.

Korado Engine

The engine was made by the Povazske Strojarne company under the Puch name. This engine was very different from previous E50's. Some differences are as follows:

Bottom End

  • back-cut internal gearing resulting in a clockwise rotating stator (opposite of all previous E50's), but with the same internal gear ratio
  • much larger stock transfer ports and a rollerbearing crank.
  • either three or four main bearings as compared to almost all other E50's (other than some after 1985) having four.


The Korado had a few variations of its electrical system as well. Variations include:

  • 6V points setup
  • a 12V points setup, and
  • a 12V CDI setup
  • Basic 12v CDI wiring:

If you have spark your wiring should be good. The green wire coming out of the engine should go to the verde G port on the Ducati CDI. The red wire should go to ground and the “stop” plug should go to your kill switch. If that wire is grounded your engine will stop.

The yellow wire coming off your engine is the power for your lights. just run that directly to whatever lights you have on the bike ( I run it to only the headlight).

If you have other wires coming off your engine you can just ground them. Some of those wires might be carrying 6v current and later on down the road you could use those as tail/brake light power. -credit to Chris Paz

Top End

Differences in the top end included:

  • an aluminum cylinder and head with a very well made squish band
  • four transfer ports and a stock boost port
  • a single dykes ring piston
  • a slightly angled exhaust port and a stock 14mm Bing carb and intake

There were changes with the clutch assembly as well which included a stock three shoe clutch and an extremely lightened/better flowing clutch bell. The whole kick start mechanism remained unchanged however.


Please click on an image if you would like to see a larger version.

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