Puch Dealer Tools

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Puch Dealer Tools

Each puch dealer was issued a set of tools through Puch. These tools were specifically designed to be used on Puch bikes and engines. Many of these tools are rare and only a few are actually being used. Unless you are fortunate enough to find tools worth thousands of dollars in your grandparents attic, you might want to replicate some tools for the ease of maintainence.

Puch Bench




table top 64" table hieght 24.5" table width 20" base width 16" base length 44"

Special thanks to boardmonger and mikerafter for pictures. Mikerafter also provided dimensions.

End Play Measurement Tools




Special thanks to vic and hoppeness for pictures.

Other tools

Other tools include an engine mount designed to fit in a vice, piston stops, bearing pullers, wrenches, screwdrivers, flywheel pullers, circlip pliers, clutch pullers and a few more.