Peugeot moped models

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Model Classification

BB Series

The BB series was produced roughly from 1957 to 1974. A detailed list of models can be found here. The BB series of mopeds preceded the 100 series. These mopeds were all produced before legislation was passed to allow mopeds in the United States. If you have found one, it was imported by a private party (commonly military). Some common models include:

  • 1957 L BB 2 Claims to be the first Peugeot moped produced. L stands for Luxury.
  • 1958 BB 2 Sport Top tank version of BB 2 L
  • 1960 BB 3 Sport Same frame as BB 2 L. New three speed manual hand shift engine. Updated ignition and carburetor give the old top end 2.5 HP output!
  • 1962 BB S S for single. Rigid front and rear end. Single speed dry clutch.
  • 1962 BB ST Similar to S. Front telescopic forks with standard handlebar mount headlight.
  • 1962 BB V Peugeot's first variated moped. Before the swinging engine design. The large pulley is fitted with springs to take up the slack in the belt movement [1].
  • BB 104 Named after the 404 automobile. Large designed metal body work. Rubber band front and rear suspension. 15" wheels. Will come in standard and variated models.
  • In 1964 the BB C, BB CT, and BB VCT were all introduced. Similar in most ways to the S series, but with a gas tank mounted under the seat.

100 Series

  • 101 - Not sold in America Non-variated, piston port, rear swing arm starts behind the pulley. Detachable gas tank (same tank as 104)
  • 102 - Non-variated, piston port, rear swing arm starts behind the pulley.
  • 103 - Variated, Case-inducted reed valve, Swing arm runs entire length of frame (does not torque drive chain). there is a rigid model 103 that was sold in the Chicago area with a cylinder inducted reed intake, but with a single-speed clutch. (See Peugeot 103 for more information)
  • 104 - not sold in America Same engine and swing arm as 103, but with detachable gas tank, long rear rack, and long seat.


  • SP - Sport model. Higher forks and shocks, chrome wound rear shocks, chrome fender in back, chrome rear rack.
  • LVS - Standard model, painted rear fender that covers part of rear wheel, chrome plated covered rear shock. Lower front forks and rear shocks.
  • LS - Non-variated clutch, engine still variates via the same spring as the LVS

Speed Classification

Generally 5mph shy of actual top speed. The U3 model is a 38-40mph bike

  • U1 - 20MPH
  • U2 - 25MPH
  • U3 - 30MPH

Speed restricted by carb/intake size, so upgrades can be made.

the VIN tag behind your headlight might say something like 103LVS U3, or 102SP U2