Performance racing CDI

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This is in hopes of clearing up some of the confusion related to the "blue box" racing CDI's.


There are numerous versions of this, some with lights. The box is typically an anodized blue with a sticker indicating some sort of curve. Amusingly the curve has no units nor meaning and the box does not have any sort of timing curve built in. Also interesting is the advertising of either a "2 stroke" or "4 stroke" version. This would imply a timing curve (advancing for 4t, or retarding for 2t, but both appear on all accounts to be identical and without timing curve.

4 or 5 pin


The 5 pin wired version should have a connector which matches the 5 pin CDI pinout shown above.




  • 1 - timing input - Blue wire
  • 2 - empty
  • 3 - is power out to the HT ignition coil - Yellow wire
  • 4 - ground - Green wire
  • 5 - kill switch (grounds to kill engine) - Black wire
  • 6 - power input from the stator - Red Wire

Or if you're just running it off the wires:

  • yellow (from the CDI box) - Out to HT coil
  • blue from box - Timing impulse in
  • red from box - Power in from stator
  • black from box - kill switch (ground to kill engine)
  • green on box - ground