Parts crossover

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This crossover chart was formed to help provide a list of compatible parts between brands and models. If you come across any incorrect information please update the list.

Fuel system

  • Yamaha QT50 and NC50 fuel valves will fit General 5 Star Lazer top tanks and Trac Sprint Top tanks.
  • Peugeot petcocks fit Batavus VA & HS50, Italian bikes such as the tube frame Concords and Cimattis, Sears Allstate Sabres, and Puch Magnum gas tanks.
  • Tomos and Puch Maxi fuel valves fit JCPenney Pinto and Swinger models.
  • Puch Bing jets fit Tomos and Batavus Encarwi carburetors.
  • Dellorto main jets fit Mikuni round-slide carburetors
  • Tomos Bullet and TTLX top tank gas caps fit JCPenney Pinto and Swinger models.
  • Tomos and Puch gas caps are interchangeable.
  • Vespa Dellorto SHA carburetors (12:9, 12:10, 12:12, and 13:13) are a direct fit on Batavus (Encarwi) intakes
  • Peugeot 102 SP can be fitted with a Peugeot 103 petcock.
  • Mercedes Benz Gas and Oil Caps fit removable Puch tanks (Pinto, Swinger, Magnum, Cobra, FreeSpirit, Murray) as well as Tomos top tanks. (Gates/Stant part number 31623)
  • Bing 90 degree throttle cable guide/adjusters fit Dellorto SHA Carbs


  • Peugeot 103 intake manifolds is compatible with Tomos A35 cylinders including all A35 reed valve 70cc kits. (They are alot beefier, but shoots the intake upward. Probably need to use rubber mounting.)
  • The Puch Polini intake will fit Tomos A35 cylinders.
  • Minarelli V1 intakes will fit Puch and Garelli horizontal cylinders.
  • A Daelim intake will fit the Tomos A35 and Puch Polini cylinders.
  • Rubber brake switch boots work as intake reducers for Dellorto airbox holes.
  • Motron exhaust header work as a great intake on many Puch kits.
  • Honda Urban Express reeds are a bit larger and flow in a more desirable direction. Will fit NC50's with minimal case grinding.
  • Puch intakes can be modified to fit a Jawa allowing you to use a Dellorto or Bing


  • Tomos A35 and Puch E50/ZA50 top ends are swappable. They have the same stroke and stud pattern. The issue is there inake and exhaust would have to be modified to work on the different cylinder. However, Tomos cases are tapped for 7mm studs and Puch for 6mm studs.
  • Puch 65cc Metrakits can be installed on Tomos A55 engines.
  • Minarelli pistons will work in a Demm cylinder.
  • Yamaha QT50 rings are the same dimensions and ring end type as those used on MotoGuzzi/Benelli and some Garelli pistons.
  • 40mm X 2mm FG Garelli rings will fit a Casal or a Zundapp 49 cc motor.
  • Puch Magnum rings are interchangeable with Vespa Ciao rings
  • Derbi 40mm rings fit on Kreidler pistons.


  • Most moped head lights and tail lights are cross compatible between brands.
  • Puch ZA50 flywheel will not work on Puch E50's and vice versa, but the stator plate/magneto will.
  • 6v 5" sealed beam bulbs are found on small tractors and can be found at tractor supply and auto parts stores.
  • The Sachs 3 wire stator fits Puch.
  • Tomos lighting coils will fit Puch stator plates/magnetos.
  • Puch flywheel pullers are compatible with the Ducati ignition found on the Tomos A3.
  • The Sylvania H5006 bulb will fit in the Honda MB5 headlight canister.


  • Many Puch exhausts will fit Minarelli powered bikes with little modification along with Trac and Batavus motors.
  • Tomos exhausts will fit Jawa cylinders with slight modification to the stud pattern and exhaust bracket.
  • Honda Express exhaust will fit a PA50, with the side cover removed.
  • Bumper over-riders for 60's VW bugs can be cut up to make exhaust headers for Sachs engines, but the material is very thick and will not clamp well

Engine Parts

  • Tomos A3 and A35 crank seals are the same as Sears Allstate Compact (Puch DS60)
  • Garelli NOI main bearings are the same as Puch E50, excepting the one with the snap ring. #6203/C3
  • 6203 Bearings are the same ones used in Laura M48, Puch E50 and all Jawa motors.
  • Honda motors from the same era are somewhat interchangeable. For example, the top end is interchangeable between the Express and the PA50
  • Peugeot flywheel pullers will work on Jawa 210 clutches

Other Stuff

  • JC Penny Pinto, Swinger, Puch Kromag, Magnum, Murray Puch all use the same sidecovers.
  • Batavus integrated speedometer and headlight assembly will work on most mopeds.
  • HURET speedometers are used on such brands as Garelli, Morini, and Motobecane.
  • Yamaha QT50 brakes will fit a United Angel (Peugeot copy)
  • Peugeot 103 Pulleys fit on Motobecanes (ditch the crappy moby switch)
  • The pedal crank/sprocket from the Jawa 207 will fit a Puch Maxi, but it will require shimming, and the actual crank on the exhaust side will be too shallow to clear the exhaust. Instead, one can use a Maxi crank on the exhaust side, and with proper shimming, clearance is increased on that side by well over an inch. This might be helpful if you have a large exhaust and clearance issues.
  • Tomos A3 (perhaps a35 as well?) side covers will mount up nicely to a Columbia stamped frame. New holes will need to be drilled and a minimal amount of bending and trimming might be necessary but the fit is surprising.