Parts crossover

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This crossover chart was formed to help provide a list of compatible parts between brands and models. If you come across any incorrect information please update the list.

Fuel system

  • Tomos and Puch frame tank gas caps are interchangable.
  • Gas caps from Puch and Tomos removable tanks, 70's Honda dirt bikes (such as the XR75) and Mercedes Benz (Gates/Stant part number 31623) are all interchangable.
  • Yamaha QT50 and Honda NC50 petcocks will fit General 5 Star Lazer top tanks and Trac Sprint Top tanks.
  • Peugeot petcocks fit Batavus VA & HS50, Italian bikes such as the tube frame Concords and Cimattis, Sears Allstate Sabres, and Puch Magnum/Cobra gas tanks.
  • Tomos and Puch frame tanks, JC Penney Pinto and Swinger, Vespa, Kinetic, Sachs G3 and Honda Hobbit petcocks are all interchangable.


  • Vespa Dellorto SHA carburetors (12:9, 12:10, 12:12, and 13:13) are a direct fit on Batavus (Encarwi) intakes
  • Puch Bing jets fit Tomos and Batavus Encarwi carburetors.
  • Dellorto main jets fit Mikuni round-slide carburetors.
  • Bing 90 degree throttle cable guide/adjusters fit Dellorto SHA Carbs.
  • Rubber brake switch boots work as intake reducers for Dellorto airbox holes.


  • Peugeot 103, Tomos A35, Daelim and Puch Polini intakes are all interchangable.
  • Minarelli V1 intakes will fit Puch and Garelli horizontal cylinders.
  • Minarelli, Garelli and Puch exhaust headers can all be used as intakes.
  • Honda Urban Express reeds are a bit larger and flow in a more desirable direction. Will fit NC50's with minimal case grinding.
  • Puch intakes can be modified to fit a Jawa allowing you to use a Dellorto or Bing.


  • Honda NC50 and PA50 top ends are interchangable.
  • Tomos A35/A55, Puch and Derbi piston port top ends are interchangable.
  • Derbi piston port and pyramid reed, Tomos, Puch and Motobecane all have the same stroke.
  • Honda, Peugeot, Derbi flat reed are all really close in stroke.
  • Derbi, Honda, Puch and Tomos head bolt spacing is all close enough to not have to move the studs. Just open the holes.
  • Minarelli pistons will work in a Demm cylinder.
  • Yamaha QT50 rings are the same dimensions and ring end type as those used on MotoGuzzi/Benelli and some Garelli pistons.
  • 40mm X 2mm FG Garelli rings will fit a Casal or a Zundapp 49 cc motor.
  • Puch rings are interchangeable with Vespa Ciao rings.
  • Derbi 40mm rings fit on Kreidler pistons.


  • Most moped head lights and tail lights are cross compatible between brands.
  • Puch ZA50 flywheel will not work on Puch E50's and vice versa, but the stator plate/magneto will.
  • The Sachs 3 wire stator fits Puch.
  • Tomos lighting coils will fit Puch stator plates/magnetos.
  • Puch flywheel pullers are compatible with the Ducati ignition found on the Tomos A3 as well as the Iskra CDI ignition found on the Tomos A35.
  • Kinetic CDI and Vespa points stators are interchangable.
  • Tomos, Peugeot, Puch, Derbi and Honda all have the same ignition side taper on the crank. All of these ignitions are interchangable with work.
  • 6v 5" sealed beam bulbs are found on small tractors and can be found at tractor supply and auto parts stores.
  • 12v 30w sealed beam #4416 is a direct replacement for the stock 6v headlight when installing a Kinetic CDI system on a Vespa.


  • Many Puch exhausts will fit Minarelli powered bikes with little modification along with Trac and Batavus motors.
  • Tomos, Minarelli, Garelli and Batavus exhausts will fit Jawa cylinders with slight modification to the stud pattern and exhaust bracket.
  • Honda Express exhaust will fit a PA50, with the side cover removed.
  • Bumper over-riders for 60's VW bugs can be cut up to make exhaust headers for Sachs engines, but the material is very thick and will not clamp well
  • Vespa exhausts fit Kinetic TFR with varying stand/pedal/peg complications. TFR USA (2004-present) will not accommodate as many Vespa exhausts.


  • Tomos A3 and A35 crank seals are the same as Sears Allstate Compact (Puch DS60)
  • Garelli NOI main bearings are the same as Puch E50, excepting the one with the snap ring. (#6203/C3)
  • 6203 Bearings are the same ones used in Laura M48, Puch E50 and all Jawa motors.
  • Peugeot 103 bearings fit Puch ZA50 cases.
  • Motobecane bearings fit Honda Hobbit cases.
  • Vespa engine parts are interchangeable with Kinetic.
  • The nut to hold a Motobecane 7 clutch onto the crank can be swapped for a Puch spoked wheel axle nut. Thread is m11x1 with a 17mm outer diameter.


  • Peugeot flywheel pullers will work on Jawa 210 clutches.
  • Minarelli clutch bells fit KTM50 clutches, which are the same taper as Puch clutches.
  • Peugeot 103 clutch pulleys fit on Motobecanes.
  • Motobecane clutchless variators fit on Puch cranks.
  • Vespa and Franco Morini Variated Clutches and Variators are interchangable with each other, although Franco Morini Variated parts are much rarer.


  • JC Penny Pinto, Swinger, Puch Kromag, Magnum and Murray all use the same sidecovers.
  • Peugeot, Motobecanes and Honda Hobbits all have very similar fork headtube lengths.

Other Stuff

  • HURET speedometers are used on such brands as Garelli, Morini, Motobecane and Puch.
  • Yamaha QT50 brakes will fit a United Angel (Peugeot copy).
  • The pedal crank/sprocket from the Jawa 207 will fit a Puch Maxi, but it will require shimming, and the actual crank on the exhaust side will be too shallow to clear the exhaust. Instead, one can use a Maxi crank on the exhaust side, and with proper shimming, clearance is increased on that side by well over an inch. This might be helpful if you have a large exhaust and clearance issues.
  • Most pedal crank arms are interchangable but grinding may be required.
  • the brake plates from any 16" minarelli moped rim, will work on sebring rims..