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This crossover chart was formed to help provide a list of compatible parts between brands and models. If you come across any incorrect information please update the list.

Fuel system

  • Tomos and Puch frame tank gas caps are interchangeable.
  • Gas caps from Puch and Tomos removable tanks, 70's Honda dirt bikes (such as the XR75) and Mercedes Benz (Gates/Stant part number 31623) are all interchangeable.
  • Yamaha QT50 and Honda NC50 petcocks will fit General 5 Star Lazer top tanks and Trac Sprint Top tanks.
  • Peugeot petcocks fit Batavus VA & HS50, Italian bikes such as the tube frame Concords and Cimattis, Sears Allstate Sabres, and Puch Magnum/Cobra gas tanks.
  • Tomos and Puch frame tanks, JC Penney Pinto and Swinger, Vespa, Kinetic, Sachs G3 and Honda Hobbit petcocks are all interchangeable.


  • Vespa Dellorto SHA carburetors (12:9, 12:10, 12:12, and 13:13) are a direct fit on Batavus (Encarwi) intakes, as are Moby's gurtners.
  • Puch Bing jets fit Tomos and Batavus Encarwi carburetors.
  • Dellorto main jets fit Mikuni round-slide carburetors.

Jet Size CC/Min - Jet bore

10 = 0.273/ 15 = 0.335/ 20 = 0.387/ 25 = 0.432/ 30 = 0.474/ 35 = 0.511/ 40 = 0.547/ 45 = 0.580/ 50 = 0.611/ 55 = 0.641 60 = 0.670 65 = 0.697 70 = 0.723 75 = 0.749 80 = 0.773 85 = 0.797 90 = 0.820 95 = 0.843 100 = 0.865 105 = 0.886 110 = 0.907 115 = 0.927 120 = 0.947 130 = 0.986 140 = 1.023 150 = 1.059 160 = 1.094 170 = 1.127 180 = 1.160 190 = 1.192 200 = 1.223 210 = 1.253 220 = 1.282 230 = 1.311 240 = 1.339 250 = 1.367

  • Bing 90 degree throttle cable guide/adjusters fit Dellorto SHA carbs.
  • Rubber brake switch boots work as intake reducers for Dellorto airbox holes.
  • Puch 12mm "round" Bing will fit in place of Sachs "square" Bing on the 505/ motor
  • Bing jets will work in Jikov carburetors commonly found on Jawa Mopeds.


  • Peugeot 103, Tomos A35, Daelim and Puch Polini intakes are all interchangeable.
  • Minarelli V1 intakes will fit Puch and Garelli horizontal cylinders.
  • Minarelli, Garelli and Puch exhaust headers can all be used as intakes.
  • Honda Urban Express reeds are a bit larger and flow in a more desirable direction. Will fit NC50's with minimal case grinding.
  • Puch intakes can be modified to fit a Jawa allowing you to use a Dellorto or Bing.


  • Stock Garelli pistons will work in size 'H' Kreidler cylinders pretty well, just with slightly less compression.
  • Honda NC50 and PA50 top ends are interchangeable.
  • Tomos A35/A55, Puch and Derbi piston port top ends are interchangeable.
  • Derbi piston port and pyramid reed, Tomos, Puch and Motobecane all have the same stroke.
  • Honda, Peugeot, Derbi flat reed are all really close in stroke.
  • Derbi, Honda, Puch and Tomos head bolt spacing is all close enough to not have to move the studs. Just open the holes.
  • Minarelli pistons will work in a Demm cylinder.
  • Yamaha QT50 rings are the same dimensions and ring end type as those used on Moto Guzzi/Benelli and some Garelli pistons.
  • Suzuki FA/FZ50 std bore is 41mm, for when your 40mm cast bore is past its 3rd over.
  • Suzuki RM60 piston is 43mm, same as YT/YF60 upgrade for Yamaha QTs. Kawasaki KX60 also drops in.
  • 40mm X 2mm FG Garelli rings will fit a Casal or a Zundapp 49 cc motor.
  • Puch rings are interchangeable with Vespa Ciao rings.
  • Derbi 40mm rings fit on Kreidler pistons.
  • Solo stud spacing is nearly the same as Puch and Tomos. Just widen them a tad. LC & AC top end. Solo stroke is 41.8-mm.
  • Moped_and_scooter_stud_spacings


  • Most moped head lights and tail lights are cross compatible between brands.
  • Puch ZA50 flywheel will not work on Puch E50's and vice versa, but the stator plate/magneto will.
  • The Sachs 3 wire stator fits Puch.
  • Tomos lighting coils will fit Puch stator plates/magnetos.
  • Puch flywheel pullers are compatible with the Ducati ignition found on the Tomos A3 as well as the Iskra CDI ignition found on the Tomos A35.
  • Kinetic CDI and Vespa points stators are interchangeable.
  • Tomos, Peugeot, Puch, Derbi, Solo, and Honda all have the same ignition side taper on the crank. All of these ignitions are interchangeable with work.
  • 6v 5" sealed beam bulbs are found on small tractors and can be found at tractor supply and auto parts stores.
  • 12v 30w sealed beam #4416 is a direct replacement for the stock 6v headlight when installing a Kinetic CDI system on a Vespa.
  • Motobecane condenser may be replaced (inexpensively) with most 6v points condensers commonly found in 1960's automobiles and available at local auto parts stores. Try one from a mid 60's Chevy Nova.
  • 5 and 6 pin Performance racing CDI


  • Many Puch exhausts will fit Minarelli powered bikes with little modification along with Trac and Batavus motors.
  • Tomos, Minarelli, Garelli and Batavus exhausts will fit Jawa cylinders with slight modification to the stud pattern and exhaust bracket.
  • Honda Express exhaust will fit a PA50, with the side cover removed.
  • Bumper over-riders for 60's VW bugs can be cut up to make exhaust headers for Sachs engines, but the material is very thick and will not clamp well
  • Vespa exhausts fit Kinetic TFR with varying stand/pedal/peg complications. TFR USA (2004-present) will not accommodate as many Vespa exhausts.
  • Sachs 505 exhaust header fits an Indian expansion chamber also hacked tomos a3 stock exhausts.
  • Batavus header pipe will fit inside a tomos A3 header pipe
  • Treats Puch/Tomos 50% "crush" exhaust gasket (See here --->[1]) bolts up beautifully to a Batavus M48 cylinder to fix that leaky exhaust. I recommend this gasket over the single stock gasket replacement. The stock gasket is too thin and is made of poor material and will likely result in an exhaust leak at the cylinder. The crush gasket swells to create a perfect seal at the header/cylinder.
  • Using a stock Kinetic/Vespa head pipe as a shim, you can slip a Sachs header on for more chamber options.
  • Using a stock Sachs head pipe as a shim, you can mount most any Peugeot exhaust. Drill holes in the lower fins to aid in spring-mounting the pipe.
  • Using a stock Sachs head pipe as a shim, you can spring-mount a Polini 50 mid-bike or dirt bike exhaust. These are very large chamber that wraps under and around the jug then exits either on the right side against the frame or shoots from right to left across the center of the frame.


  • Tomos A3 and A35 crank seals are the same as Sears Allstate Compact (Puch DS60)
  • Garelli NOI main bearings are the same as Puch E50, excepting the one with the snap ring. (#6203/C3)
  • Yamaha QT50 shares its entire drivetrain platform with the ubiquitous PW50 kids' dirtbike, but geared lower
  • Motobecane rear axle nut replaces Derbi PP/ Pyramid, and Peugeot flywheel nut
  • 6203 Bearings are used in Laura M48, Puch E50, Minarelli V1, and all Jawa motors.
  • Peugeot 103 bearings fit Puch ZA50 cases.
  • Motobecane bearings fit Honda Hobbit cases.
  • Vespa engine parts are interchangeable with Kinetic.
  • The nut to hold a Motobecane 7 clutch onto the crank can be swapped for a Puch spoked wheel axle nut. Thread is m11x1 with a 17mm outer diameter.
  • Sachs and Solo crank bearings are 6202.
  • Sachs and Solo ignition side oil seals are 15x30x7.


  • Peugeot flywheel pullers will work on Jawa 210 clutches.
  • Puch and Sachs use the same flywheel puller.
  • Puch clutch puller can be used to pull a V1 clutch. Longer bolts are recommended but not required.
  • Minarelli clutch bells fit KTM50 clutches, which are the same taper as Puch clutches. Also a Minarelli V1 clutch bell can be used on an e50 if a Puch clutch bell gear is pressed into it.
  • Peugeot 103 clutch pulleys fit on Motobecanes.
  • Motobecane clutchless variators fit on Peugeot cranks.
  • Vespa and Franco Morini variated clutches and variators are interchangeable with each other, although Franco Morini variated parts are much rarer.
  • Minarelli V1 and Morini non-variated starter clutch plates are identical. Slippage is often due to flattened ball bearing in center.
  • The clutch from a Puch e50 is the exact same as the one in a Moto Guzzi Robin.
  • Peugeot 102 and 103 use the same bearings, seals, and crank.


  • JC Penny Pinto, Swinger, Puch Kromag, Magnum and Murray all use the same sidecovers.
  • Peugeot, Motobecanes and Honda Hobbits all have very similar fork headtube lengths.
  • Hobbit fork is suitable upgrade for a Ciao. Using a combination of both headsets, all that is needed is a taller lock nut or spacers.
  • General 5 Star hydraulic forks will mount to a Columbia Commuter and all Sachs frames with no modifications needed. Commuter head tube inner diameter may need slight sanding to fit General 5 Star headset races.
  • Honda CR80-R (at least 96-02) fork will fit Puch Magnum with magnum bearings and races.

Wheels, Tires, and Brakes

  • Hobbit front wheel is suitable upgrade for Ciao.
  • Batavus and Peugeot 102 both use Leleu wheels. Therefore, the rear sprockets are identical and interchangeable. Brake shoes are also the same size.
  • Yamaha QT50 brakes will fit a United Angel (Peugeot copy).
  • Motobecane Traveler rear wheel substitutes for Puch spoked wheel. Already has sealed bearings and Sparta sprocket bolt pattern.
  • Sparta 36T rear sprocket bolts on Puch spoke hubs and Motobecane Traveler.
  • The brake plates from any 16" Minarelli moped rim, will work on Sebring rims.


Other Stuff

  • HURET speedometers are used on such brands as Garelli, Morini, Motobecane and Puch.
  • The pedal crank/sprocket from the Jawa 207 will fit a Puch Maxi, but it will require shimming, and the actual crank on the exhaust side will be too shallow to clear the exhaust. Instead, one can use a Maxi crank on the exhaust side, and with proper shimming, clearance is increased on that side by well over an inch. This might be helpful if you have a large exhaust and clearance issues.
  • Most pedal crank arms are interchangeable but grinding may be required.
  • Motobecane, Derbi and Peugeot use 9mm wedge pins, 9.5mm is the common size for all others
  • Motobecane 50v rear axle nut will work as a flywheel nut for the pug 102/103.
  • 13T Morini front sprocket will fit Sachs 504/505 if thickness is removed and a shallow notch is ground into the case for chain relief.
  • 9T Minarelli front sprocket will fit Sachs 504/505 if center bore is enlarged.
  • A Batavus M48 and Moby 50v belts are interchangable.

Cylinders of the same stroke

See also: Moped and scooter strokes

  • 37.4 mm = Morini scooter
  • 39.0 mm = Minarelli AM (4/5/6) - shifter
  • 39.1 mm = Peugeot scooter (Fox/Wallaroo; 103)
  • 39.2 mm = Minarelli horizontal LC/AC en vertical scooter
  • 39.3 mm = Piaggio scooter LC/AC
  • 39.7 mm = Yamaha DT50 LC/AC
  • 39.7 mm = Kreidler - shifter
  • 39.7 mm = Sachs 50SW
  • 40.0 mm = Derbi - shifter (85 mm: con-rod length)
  • 41.4 mm = Kymco scooter
  • 41.4 mm = Honda MT5/NSR50/MTX-sh/MTX-ot/MB5/MBX50/MBX80 - shifter
  • 41.6 mm = Kawasaki AR50/80 - shifter
  • 41.8 mm = Zundapp - shifter
  • 41,8 mm = Morini - shifter
  • 41.8 mm = Solo LC
  • 42.0 mm = Yamaha DT80 LC/AC
  • 42.0 mm = Minarelli RV4 - shifter
  • 42.0 mm = Sachs 504/505 (A/B/C)
  • 43.0 mm = Gilardoni 43mm (Minarelli horizontal LC)
  • 43.0 mm = Simonini 80cc (Vespa)
  • 43.0 mm = Parmakit 80cc (Minarelli horizontal LC/AC)
  • 43.0 mm = Derbi FDS/FDX - shifter
  • 43.0 mm = Puch automatic
  • 43.0 mm = Tomos automatic
  • 44.0 mm = Stadion S23 Jawa Type 552
  • 44.0 mm = Sachs 504/505 (D)