OT instant thread format

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When OT is dead, remember the formula.

OT instant thread format:

1. Random OT thread, 1-4 posts.

2. Troll steps in with a potty mouth, back and forth banter 4-6 posts

3. A-ko trys to say something sensible, which is futile. 1 post

4. Troll makes filthy sexual reference to Kelly Jawns. 1-3 posts.

5. Alan squid reminds us that he is young witty and attractive, while troll is old jealous and has a small pee-pee. 1 post

6. Other OTer’s describe how the love kelly and hate troll, 3-5 posts

7. stever posts random internet video. 1 post

8. Flurry of internet videos, lolcats, and embedded songs. 10 posts.

9. Justice catches wind of thread. makes lols. 1 post.

11. OT members discuss how they miss cliffy and tell him to come home. 3-4 posts.

10. troll returns and talks more shit 2-3 posts.

11. Serene and abi start posting while sitting next to eachother. 10 posts.

12. OT forumers start joking around completely irrelevent to the thread topic till it dies. 10-15 posts.

by Tracy