Motor mount bushing removal

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$2.64 worth of hardware at mom & pops hardware store.

-Long bolt (high grade) -Washers(4) the same size as the bushing -Nut -PVC fitting so the bushing would fit inside, but still rest against the hole where it goes.

Later that night:

I tried making my own puller with hardware listed above, but those little bastards destroyed my bolt threads. I recommend getting all the rubber out of the bushing and using a dremel to cut the metal in half. Took 5 minutes to take both out with this method. You can't reuse them, but that's why you bought new ones right? The little one did actually work using a socket, bolt, nut, and washers.

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the way I always replace these mounts is with a two jaw puller and a 1" socket coupled with a 1/2 to 3/8 adapter on it. It take about a minute per side to remove and put the new mount in. Just push the old one out and then push the new in. this is my answer to not having the dealer tool. Also I have never had any problems doing this and I have replaced many this way.

hope this helps-Steve at Moto Throwbacks New Bedford MA.