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==Understanding Motobecane Secondary Brake Light / Horn Circuitry==
==Understanding Motobecane Secondary Brake Light / Horn Circuitry==
[[Image:Motobecane 12v CDI wiring diagram AV10 SECONDARY power.jpg]]
[[Image:Motobecane 12v CDI wiring diagram AV10 SECONDARY power.jpg]]
==Hardwiring a Motobecane==
Re: Motobecane Light Problem
    * Author: motobrokane (---.hsd1.ca.comcast.net)
    * Verified User: motobrokane
    * Date Posted: 07-10-08 23:45
NOTE: This diagram applies to 12v bikes only, not 6v
mobys wont run without the accessories being grounded.(the white or tan wire)
hack that shit off. all of it. cut every wire, the horn, the kill switch, the brake lights, everything.
then run a single wire system. leave your grey wire alone. cut your white and tan wire 6 inches from the magneto. strip the ends and twist them together.
now, open up your headlight assembly. the white wire that goes in there wil have a split in it, one goes to the bulb, one to the switch. leave the connector on the bulb, but cut that wire about 3 inches out. leave the ground alone.
now take some 14 gauge wire(get at auto parts store) and twist the white wire from your head light into the new 14 gauge wire. then put your assembly back together with your new wire coming out the hole. run that wire to your white/tan combo wire at your magneto.
now for the rear.
the thick grey cord that comes to that white wire box thingee? cut the wires off going to that box. at this point now your wiring should be like this. all you should have at this point is, the wire coming from the headlight, going to your magneto white/tan wire combo, and the end of the grey cord going to the back.
strip the end of the grey cord to expose two wires. one is white one is purple. the purple is your ground, and the white is your hot. take some of that 14 guage wire and connect the rear white wire to your white/tan/headlight combo wire from the magneto. now you have power going to everything.
as for the purple wire that grounds the tail light, take more 14 guage wire and run it to the engine ground wire that goes from the coil to the motor mount. now you are totally grounded and wired.
this set up will give you strong spark, bright lights, and i guarantee they will never blow. when the bike is running your lights are on, period. you will not have a “brake light” anymore with this set up, but so what, just another place for moby electrical ghosts to hide.
use your decomp lever to stop your engine.
this is the best way i think to hardwire your moby.
a'la M. Allen Schlung:
[[Image:moby hard wired schematic.jpg]]
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6 Volt Wiring Diagram

For machines built prior to January 1, 1978:

Motobecane wiring 6v.gif

12 Volt Wiring Diagram

For machines built after January 1, 1978:

Moby wiring schematic.jpg

Or, the original version:

Motobecane12v wiring diagram.png

12 Volt Wiring Diagram CDI

with aftermarket CDI Units, AV10 or AV7 Motobecane 12v CDI wiring diagram AV10 and AV7.jpg

Understanding Motobecane Secondary Brake Light / Horn Circuitry

Motobecane 12v CDI wiring diagram AV10 SECONDARY power.jpg