Motobecane and Peugeot exhausts

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Originally posted by moonwalk98 on the forums here.

The author describes the performance of the Peugeot version of the pipes, but the Motobecane version of the pipes have very similar performance characteristics.

These articles are geared more towards 50cc kit tuning. When referring to "bigger kits" or "46mm cylinders", it means the 70cc and anything larger than 50cc kits. Likewise, when referring to "stock" or "original" cylinders, it means the cylinders that came on the bike from the factory. In the case of the Motobecanes, it might be worth noting the author was most likely referring to the AV10 engine rather than the AV7, which is more common to us North Americans.

G1 Ninja


  • Price not available

This exhaust is one of the first long exhausts offered by Ninja. It is famous for being a higher RPM pipe, but at the cost of low RPM performance. It is a rather noisy and relatively not very aesthetically pleasing pipe. This exhaust would probably be good for 50cc kits, and not terrible for stock cylinders or the bigger kits.

G2 Ninja (commercial)


  • Price: $165.00 at treatland

The successor of the Ninja G1 pipe, this exhaust is excellent. It has a high power band, assuming you can reach it. This exhaust works best with high RPM setups. It is not advised to use it on a stock cylinder, and does not preform as well as others on the bigger kits. This exhaust is a very good exhaust for 50cc kits, on the other hand its price remains relatively high compared to other high quality, low priced pipes.

It is aesthetic pleasing, but is relatively noisy.

G3 Ninja


  • Price $185 at treatland

This exhaust has nothing has to do with the category G3 French racing, but was labeled as such simply as a marketing strategy to the French tuners. It is the most recent exhaust pipe from Ninja and it is the best of the three. While the G1 and G2 lacked in low end, the G3 makes up for it. With awesome low end, great mid range and good top end, this exhaust is good through the whole power band!

It works very well with a 50cc kit with it's great low and top end, performs nicely with bigger kits, and while not the best, even effective with the stock cylinder.

At the aesthetic level, its original form will not please everyone and it can be objectionable to the eyes of certain builders as it has twists. When compared to other pipes of it's quality, it is one of the least expensive - less than the Bidalot RR, Doppler, Ninja g2, etc. The sound of this exhaust is exceptional. A beautiful, deep note at idle, but screams to life on the track! An excellent investment!

Gianelli Black Gun


  • Price: $150 from ffredie

This exhaust is without a doubt one of the best exhausts. It works excellent with 50 kits. This exhaust is really not advised with the bigger kits, and doesn't do much for the original cylinder. It has a little trouble on the low end compared to some of the other pipes available.

It is very reasonably priced. As far as noise level, it is relatively noisy - but not horribly so. To conclude, an excellent exhaust at a good price that dose sacrifice some low end unless paired with a good clutch pulley or a tuned variator.

Conti CRX


  • Unavailable stateside

This exhaust is identical to the Gianneli Black Gun, it is just more expensive when you can find one due to the Conti name holding high regard in the world of the French moped racing.

Doppler ER1


  • Price: $167 at treatland

This exhaust is one of best on the market because it works relatively well in the low end while continuing to performe high RPMs. This exhaust works great with the stock cylinder but also with the large kits as well. It also proves to be a good choice for 50 kits which tend to miss out on some low end performance, this exhaust has no problem making up for, though at a slight cost to high RPM performance.

At the aesthetic level, this exhaust is relatively pretty, though this is, of course, a question of personal taste. The sound is rather noisy and hollow and the silencer material has to be replaced regularly otherwise the pipe will become extremely loud. In conclusion, this exhaust is the best than one can find for the stock cylinder and big kits, it also proves to be a good choice for 50 kits.

Bidalot RR


  • Price: $175.00 at treatland

Let us be clear from the start: this exhaust is not worthy of the Bidalot name. Allow me to explain. For it's relatively high price, this pipe does not offer great performance: not terrible in bottom, ok in top, offering suitable recoveries. However, this exhaust does not deserve its price. It offers good performance with a stock cylinder (approximately +5 mph), has average performance with a 50kit and doesn't fair much better with the bigger kits. Moreover, the silencer is poorly attached and may fall off.

Aesthetically, this exhaust is rather pleasant because it is unique compared to the others with it's stamped halves welded together at the seam rather than having rolled cones all welded together, and especially due to its famous blue Bidalot silencer. This exhaust is rather noisy and has a sharp tone not found with any other pipe.

Quite simply put, this exhaust is not worth the money.

Bidalot RP


  • New price: approximately 150 euros (of + in + difficult has to find)

With this exhaust, Bidalot arrives has to show that it is not forcing in the west as regards exhaust (as with the RR). Indeed, this exhaust of excellent is quality, it offers performances really epoustouflantes (an acceleration enormous follow-up of an excellent point! Phenomenal recoveries has high modes!) with very large kits 50 such as the prepared RR, G1, G2 because it agrees very high (+ 12000/tr min, the commercial exhaust which agrees it + high! =)! Useless to specify that this exhaust is not useful strictly has nothing on a cylinder origin which will be able by no means to exploit it, as on one 75 which does not correspond at all since being mainly turned towards bottoms and average modes… aesthetic Niveau, this exhaust is splendid, a nearly perfect line equipped with a long silencer (absorption) of any beauty!

On the noise level, this exhaust is extremely noisy but pleasant… Pas problem thus with the countryside but a little bit plus tended downtown…

To conclude, this exhaust is the best than you can find (if you still find it… the production were stopped there is little) for little that you had a large kit 50! If it is not the case go your way…

Kenji has pump


  • New price: approximately 75 Euros

This exhaust has a characteristic compared to the others: its pump! It agrees has wonder with a cylinder of origin because this exhaust agrees very low, it offers a demensielle acceleration and an average point! For kits 75, this exhaust is also the best for acceleration pure, it agrees has wonder! On the other hand, with kits 50, this exhaust agrees rather badly because it under exploits too much the high modes… the attached latter feeling! At the aesthetic level it is enough bizarre, personally I do not hang to the style, the cartridge is riveted (and attached occasion consequently, to repurchase an emergency absorption!) and the system of pump can practical (oil escape, fragile…). On the level its, it adopts a pleasant sonority, not too high, slightly serious…

To conclude, this exhaust is perfect for which seeks the maximum of acceleration and low mode, perfect for the city, exhaust however appears its limits has high mode or it does not defend a whole well…

Leovinci Speed aluminum


  • New price: approximately 90 Euros

it is a bottom-of-the-range exhaust: well for small the budget, he exploits especially top speed, same if that is not obvious… Once unslung, one gains can be 5 km/h, and by changing the cartridge (yes c´est really a cartridge of m ****, baffles), can be 10 km/h. The supports are with the elbow, between the exhaust and the cartridge, and with the same cartridge it. To summarize, it is a cheap exhaust, (well? ) for the cylinder origin, but once passed for the kit one needs l´oublier…

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